Stuffed Peppers, a Food Festival from Every Angle

They say green is good for your eyes. The eye can see myriad shades of green, a trait carried over from evolution: the ability to comprehend danger in the woods. This is all well and good for the eyes, but what about the stomach? Does green pique your appetite?

You hunger for more. The chefs you follow inspire you to try cooking something green. When you cook stuffed peppers for the first time, your love for all things green reaches a different level. You cannot believe how juicy and delicious a simple green bell pepper can feel on your tongue, but what a taste! You create something from nothing, using the basic ingredients you keep in your own home.

The stuffed peppers ignite all the senses of your body. You choose to go the vegan route, though it’s easy enough to add ground beef or chorizo if you want to. You prefer a vegetarian style dish on this occasion. You use rice with a few delicious surprises, steamed to fluffy perfection within the blistered green peppers. You consider adding bulgur, a super-wheat that packs a fiber punch, to boost the nutritional value of your peppers.

You decide to take a rain check on the bulgur. Something to look forward to for the next batch of green. The rice stuffed peppers are already melting in your mouth, inviting your tongue to an incredible food festival. You ride the rides — and soak in the flavor from every angle.

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