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  • Why Keuka Lake?

    Why Keuka Lake?

    The daily grind can wear you down. Where is the motivation to keep up the hustle day in and day out? Why even bother? When every day presents the same path as before, it’s easy to forget the sandbox you live in now. But the path won’t point you in the right direction on its […]

  • The Endless Jetty of Skaneateles

    The Endless Jetty of Skaneateles

    You’ve heard the cliché too many times now: “New year, new you.” January 1st is, of course, arbitrary. Collectively we counted to a new four-digit number together. Yet it’s your favorite holiday of the year, if only because you finally have the time off to meditate and to reflect. The Lake offers its own reflection […]

  • Now Booking: Comfortable Private Suite on Conesus Lake

    Now Booking: Comfortable Private Suite on Conesus Lake

    VRBO | AirBnB

  • Manhattan in Lakeville

    Manhattan in Lakeville

    The last time you were in New York City, it wasn’t your favorite time. The city was not like you remembered from the golden days of youth. Corner bodegas? No longer friendly neighborhood staples. Quirky but well-meaning neighbors who always pop in at the most comedic times? Nope, just angry tenants and parking wars. The […]

  • Need a breath of fresh air? Try Upstate NY

    Need a breath of fresh air? Try Upstate NY

    You’ve been cooped up in your living room for too long. The world is a different place now. You yearn to be a different person, but walls and screens are boxing you in. It’s time for a change of scene. Your thoughts often turn to your fondest childhood memories. The smell of freshly cut grass, […]