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  • That’s Dallas.

    That’s Dallas.

    Texas was an unknown to you. Too many references from TV shows and movies to take seriously. It’s all cowboys and leather and barbeque, right? You had to find out for yourself. You set your sights on Dallas, coming in on a southern route by way of New Orleans and Austin — stories for another […]

  • Why Keuka Lake?

    Why Keuka Lake?

    The daily grind can wear you down. Where is the motivation to keep up the hustle day in and day out? Why even bother? When every day presents the same path as before, it’s easy to forget the sandbox you live in now. But the path won’t point you in the right direction on its […]

  • The Endless Jetty of Skaneateles

    The Endless Jetty of Skaneateles

    You’ve heard the cliché too many times now: “New year, new you.” January 1st is, of course, arbitrary. Collectively we counted to a new four-digit number together. Yet it’s your favorite holiday of the year, if only because you finally have the time off to meditate and to reflect. The Lake offers its own reflection […]

  • Homemade Short Rib Tater Tots

    Homemade Short Rib Tater Tots

    Here is a tasty, easy-to-make recipe for tender juicy short ribs that would normally cost $40 per plate in a nice restaurant, using ingredients you can find for a fraction of the price. Best accompanied by a cold beer, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  • Day Tripping to the Hamptons

    Day Tripping to the Hamptons

    Whether you are a native New Yorker or not, you are aware of the pervasive American media sentiment that Long Island is best left to the people of Long Island. You grew up knowing upstate visitors never ventured farther than Manhattan, borough-dwellers never crossed their bridges and tunnels unless absolutely necessary, and if you got […]