Need a breath of fresh air? Try Upstate NY

You’ve been cooped up in your living room for too long. The world is a different place now. You yearn to be a different person, but walls and screens are boxing you in. It’s time for a change of scene.

Your thoughts often turn to your fondest childhood memories. The smell of freshly cut grass, adults laughing boisterously, powder blue skies and screen doors springing open to the new day. It’s sunglasses and juice boxes. It’s a walk down a country lane with your best friend. It’s the warm wind shivering across the trees before a storm.

So you leave the cities: they do not nurture you anymore. You need to breathe again. You find the small towns and villages you grew up in. You see Main Streets and autumn festivals, forests and hills, farms and wineries. Every weekend, you find a new road weaving through the woods and across the pastures, lakes upon ridges upon lakes. You dine at the edge of Canandaigua. You listen to the peaceful sounds of nature next to untouched Hemlock Lake. You buy homemade honey from a stand in Canadice. You eat traditional Upstate NY chicken barbecue while simultaneously supporting the local Boy Scout troop. You’re connecting to a community again.

And when the stress finally dies down, after the chores are all complete and the appointments and phone calls are done, you can finally take a step outside. You go for a drive around the Lake under a full moon. You take a breath of fresh air.

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